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5 Simple Solutions that Can Help in Have a Healthier Lifestyle During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus situation intensifies, you might be wondering: how can I keep myself healthy? And will swallowing a pill protect me from getting sick?

Despite claims you may have seen on the Internet, there’s no magic food or pill that is guaranteed to boost your immune system and protect you against coronavirus. But there’s good news, too: There are ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally, which can help to keep you healthy and give you a sense of control in an uncertain time.

Dr Rohan Sequeria, Consultant General Medicine, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre suggests these 5 simple solutions that will help in living a healthier life during these covid times.

1. Be Consistent with Exercise and Diet

Daily exercise for upto an hour can boost your metabolism and keep your body’s defences at their prime. Daily exercise also helps your body generate immune boosting proteins and chemicals to help you naturally fight off infections. This coupled with a healthy, well-balanced diet may be the key to boosting the immune system and other parts of the body to help fight against things like COVID-19. Your daily should contain most of the food groups and a good source of natural nutrients.

2. Protect from Other Illnesses

One of the best things to do is practice washing your hands, drinking lots of water and taking advantage of vitamins or other things to boost and strengthen the immune system. This will encourage the body to combat viruses and other threatening illnesses that come along. Taking supplements like glutathione, vitamin b12, vitamin d and micro nutrients like zinc and magnesium have been shown beneficial in boosting your body’s natural defence mechanism.

3. Getting Proper Sleep

It’s important to manage stress and anxiety, as it can take a toll on sleep if it is not managed well. A lack of sleep can lead to things like weight gain, depression, and many other mental issues. A natural sleep supplement like melatonin can help you regulate your natural bio rhythm and help you get good sleep.

4. Keep Everything Clean

It has been shown that the virus can live on certain surfaces for up to two days or even more. It may not be the main way the virus spreads, but it can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to catch the virus. Droplets of saliva and other bodily fluids from people can get onto random surfaces pretty easily.

In that case, it would be best to use a household cleaner and wipe down the parts of the house that are most often touched. This includes objects like doorknobs, door handles, cabinet handles, drawer handles, railings, faucets, and most furniture. Household cleaners shouldn’t be viewed as something that can cure the virus, but they may do a good job of preventing the spread of germs and unseen bodily fluids like saliva.

5. Keep Your Distance

Social distancing should probably apply to those in the home as well, especially if there are people in the home coming in and out of the house often. For the time being, try to prevent close contact like hugging and kissing if you know someone has been traveling around the city pretty often since some people still have to go to work and grocery shopping to keep the home together.

Close physical proximity is recommended after the person takes a shower. Preferably use an anti bacterial soap but any soap will do.

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