Home BUSINESS IDEAS How to start Mobile Back Cover printing business in india 2020.

How to start Mobile Back Cover printing business in india 2020.

How to start the Mobile Back Cover printing business

Mobile is one of the most used electronic devices at this time. Many big companies are making mobiles with different features and look. Many people use different types of mobile covers to give their mobile a new and stylish look.

Therefore, along with selling mobile, making a mobile cover and selling has also become a very permanent kind of business. Here in detail about this trade will be given, so that you will be able to get all the necessary information from cover to marketing.

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The machines used for this purpose require a computer, a sublimation machine, a sublimation printer, sublimation papers, sublimation tape, die for the module and 99 sublimation software, etc., the required raw materials and machinery.


Sublimation machine price: Rs 30,000

Submission paper: 20 pieces for Rs 230

Sublimation Printer: Rs 30,000

Sublimation tape: Rs 200 per piece

Where to buy: To buy these items, visit the link given below.


Total expenses for mobile back cover printing business (Mobile Back Cover printing business cost)

For this, you can start this business between Rs 70,000 and 80,000 and earn a significant profit. Similarly, you can start the business of making bath soap for less cost.

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Mobile Back Cover printing time

The sublimation machine used for making mobile cover can be put in 3 to 4 cover prints at a time. In 8 to 10 minutes your design is printed and ready on these white mobile covers. In this way, you can prepare 3 to 4 covers completely within 15 to 20 minutes.

Mobile Back Cover Printing Process

The first part of this process requires a computer. It is very important to have 99 sublimation software on this computer. A sublimation printer must also be attached to this computer

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After this, print out and remove the theme from which to make a back cover from your computer. With the help of this software, a print out of the selected theme will generate a mirror image.

Now sit on the printed carbon (mobile cover) properly and paste it with sublimation tape. This is a kind of special tape, which does not melt even at 200-degree temperature.

Place the bar code related to the product on the inside of this white poly carbon mobile paper. These bar codes and model descriptions should also be affixed to this sublimation tape.

After this, insert it into the sublimation machine. Set the temperature and time in the machine. Rub the poly carbon sitting on the dye into the sublimation machine thoroughly. It is very important to rub so that the team sits well on each side of the cover.

After this, cover the machine and run the set timing. This timing is about 8 minutes. During this time the temperature of the machine is around 200-degree centigrade.

Remove it from the machine after eight minutes. Remove the paper attached to it and you will see that the theme has sat on the white poly carbon mobile cover. In this way, your mobile cover gets printed.

Mobile Back Cover packaging

Pack the fully prepared mobile back cover with the help of your brand packet. You can also pack it for outside shops and also for e-commerce websites like Amazon, Snapdeal.

To pack a mobile cover, first prepare your brand package. You can use this package for Whole Cell or retail. The full details of the mobile phone of which this cover is, should be mentored on the packets with the help of a stick. This sticker will also make it easier for the customer to buy the back cover for his phone and sell it to the retailer.

Mobile Back Cover printing business marketing

You can take help of both online and offline for marketing. You can also sell your products on online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal. With the help of these websites, selling mobile cover starts to benefit in a short time or else it may take time to get caught in the offline market.


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