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Mindfulness: A Relationship Is Not About Dominating The Other Person

Efforts to prove the other person wrong is fatal for a relationship. The nation-wide lockdown has brought the problem of one-upmanship in a relationship to the forefront. Every now and then, we hear about stories of families fighting for no reason.

Relationships are like oxygen. Life can easily be beautiful and fragrant if we maintain its dignity and affection.

Truth be told, the efforts to dominate are actually the crisis of inner ego. Sometimes it is the feeling of being superior, other times it’s about feeling the burden of responsibilities all alone.

Words are important. We express ourselves through them, but we forget to express through gestures and eyes. Any emotion is the first step of effective communication. Words come much later.

You might have felt when we are extremely angry, our lips start trembling. We are not able to say anything. Rabindranath Tagore says, “One who cannot speak up the pain of his mind, gets angrier.”

Why does the pain of mind remains inside? It is because we don’t have words to bring it out. Because there is fear of breaking of ego on speaking out our pain. The apparent strength has weak foundations.

Loa Tzu once said, “No one can defeat me.”

His disciple replied, “You are a great scholar, yet a strong wrestler can defeat you.”

Lao Tzu said, “Even then, I cannot be defeated.”

When asked for the reason, Lao Tzu calmly replied, “I myself will give up. Then, how can anyone defeat me? No one can defeat me.”

Lao Tzu is giving a very important message here. We all are busy in defeating others. When someone says, ‘Look, my point turned out to be right,’ we immediately say, ‘I had already said this.’

We keep saying these kind of things to defeat others. The same stands true for the other person as well. So, stop running mindlessly and be a little compassionate.

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