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Mindfulness: Do You Really Have The Right Attitude?

We will start with a story today. Once a farmer had to bear heavy loss. He was very angry with the almighty. He challenged him and said, “You don’t know about farming. You give untimely rainfall, throw hailstones on ready crop.”

God accepted the challenge and said, “As you wish, tell me, I will do accordingly.”

Experienced farmer prepared well. He got exact amount of water, timely weather changes, timely fertilizers. There was no unnecessary rain, no frost, no hailstones and no pests. Finally he had the rich crop. He was very happy to see that.

When he entered the farm to cut the crop, he found that it not exactly ripe, though it appeared perfect from outside. The farmer looked up angrily towards the sky.

The god said, “Crop is not just the combination of good things. It includes the struggle against the adverse conditions as well. A ready crop includes fighting against pests, weeds, bad weather, frost etc. It’s just like your life my dear friend.”

Those who understand the life, do not get angry with it. They feel obliged. They always have gratitude for it. The mistakes give direction to the life. They sharpen the skills. No one else can do this.

Gratitude is an amazing virtue. The nature has given us a blissful life. It has light along with mistakes. Mistakes and experience go along. No one can claim that he has never committed any mistake.

Those who do not make their own decisions, they live in mental slavery, away from consciousness. Of course, they won’t commit mistakes. The beauty of Life is incomplete without mistakes.

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