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Mindfulness: Don’t Absorb Anything Just Like That

We usually do not pay attention to the important matters. Instead we are worried for petty issues. We do not see the burden in our mind, but entangle ourselves with others in proving ourselves right. Happiness is fading while anger and turbulence is increasing in our life.

Only inner awareness can lead us towards peace. Let me tell you a short story.

A government officer reaches out to a saint. The saint used to practice silence. He answered only important questions. The officer told the saint, “I do not have much time, please quickly explain how life can be peaceful.”

The saint didn’t answer. The person who took the officer to the saint explained him that the rules of your world don’t apply here, but the Officer was in hurry, so he returned. Upon reaching home, the officer realised the saint and seekers he had met till then, waited for him, but this saint was unique.

Next day, the officer ran to the person who took him to the saint. He was angry with that person by wasting time to meet the saint who didn’t pay proper attention to him. But that person, friend of the officer, was an affectionate one. He took the officer again to the saint. This time the officer didn’t show any hurry. He waited for his turn to speak to the saint. Then on his turn, he asked the saint, “My nature is very fierce, please tell me the way to control it.”

The saint replied, “This is a new thing. I have never seen it. Tell me how does your nature becomes fierce?”

The officer replied, “It happens rarely but suddenly, I don’t have any control on it.”

The saint explained, “If it is not always, then it is not your nature. The muffled or borrowed traits may stay for a while but should not be forever.”

We must understand that we absorb several things into our behavior form others while carrying out our responsibilities. That doesn’t mean we should keep them forever and make them the part of our nature. We must understand that need of job is not considered more important than the ‘need’ in life.

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