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Mindfulness: Happiness Is Your Birthright

Lord Buddha said, “Our civilisation, old rules, old ways of life do not let us become happy. Being happy is a mental condition. A vision, but we are slaves of past traditions.”

It is not hard to understand what he meant. We keep changing our clothes, house, cars, but we hardly change our thought process.

Our mind is more related to its subconscious part than the conscious one, but we don’t care much about it. This is the reason there is always a fight between conscious and subconscious minds.

Happiness comes with compassion, forgiveness and love. Great storywriter Anton Chekhov highlights the mentality of happiness in a story.

A Landlord was searching for his son who left home. One day, the landlord came to know that his son was about to come on a certain railway station. In those harsh cold days of Russia, the landlord reserved the whole inn located near that station. He wanted to give a grand welcome to his son. But the landlord didn’t know the condition in which his son might be in, so nobody was allowed to stay in the inn on the day of his son’s return.

On the fateful night, a beggar knocked the door of the inn. He wanted shelter. As per the orders of landlord, the beggar was not allowed to enter. The beggar had to stay outside and the severe cold killed him.

In the morning the landlord asked if someone came. The manager of the inn said a beggar had come, but he was not allowed to enter as per his orders. The landlord went outside and found that the beggar was his own son.

The point that Chekhov wanted to make through the story was that we must take care of others’ happiness in order to be happy. It’s actually not that difficult.

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