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Mindfulness: The River Keeps Flowing

It becomes difficult when we do not get any help form those who promised to be with us forever.

It is a popular notion that time always changes. Actually, time doesn’t change. It keeps on going, just like a traveler quietly walking a long path. I think the difference between the good time and the difficult time is just that, people come for help in difficult times. How can the time be responsible for this? It’s the character of people that changes.

We can’t blame time for our own weaknesses. The journey of life is full of mystery, thrills, twists and turns. Time is like a river. It keeps flowing. Boats, pieces of woods, various organisms all flow in the river. But the river doesn’t flow with anything. All have their own direction, but river has nothing to do with it. It has no friendship or enmity with anything or anyone. This is the nature of the river. That is why people, who do not look towards time for happiness, have more to get out of it.

This story elaborates the same point. A man on a cart stopped outside a village. He asked an old man, “Can I have a place in this village to stay?”

The old man asked, “Where are you coming from and why did you have to leave that place?”

The traveller said, “People of my village left me in my difficult time. They are very rude. So I left that place.”

Then, the old man replied, “People of this village are equally bad so better you go to a different village.”

After some time, another cart came and the man in that cart asked the same question. The old man too repeated his question.

The man said, “I am coming from the village where people have always given me love and respect. Entire village helped me at the difficult time of famine. But I could not bear the toughness of famine and I had to unwillingly leave that village. I can’t blame anyone for that.”

The old man welcomed him and said, “Your attitude towards life and happiness is correct. This village needs people like you, who instead of blaming time, can face the difficult time with courage and patience.”

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