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Police raid Sharjeel Imam’s house, mother says people are scared in the name of son

The police are searching for the Sharjil Imam who came to the dialogue after making allegedly provocative speeches at a protest in Aligarh in opposition to CAA and NRC.

According to media reports, Aligarh Police has registered a case in opposition to Sharjeel beneath sections of sedition and rioting. Similar FIRs have additionally been registered in Assam and Delhi.

Aligarh SP Akash Kulhari had instructed the media on Sunday that two teams had been dispatched for the arrest of Sharjeel. According to him, Aligarh Police is working with the Co-ordination with Bihar Police and Delhi Police.

Apart from Delhi and Aligarh Police, the group of Bihar Police is engaged in finding Sharjeel because of his ancestral domestic falls in Kako block of Jehanabad district of Bihar.

According to the statistics received from the SP of Aligarh, the police have no longer were given any clue about Sharjeel yet. But for the first time, the announcement of Sharjeel’s circle of relatives has come to light.

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Police raid Sharjeel Imam’s house, mother says people are scared in the name of the son

A statement issued in the name of Sharjeel’s mother reads, “Sharjeel Imam is being persecuted for the announcement which has been manipulated with the aid of the media. Now the police are harassing us too. The elderly mom and other Householders are continuously being threatened by intimidation. We believe in the law, however, the action in this manner is a contravention of human rights. “

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Regarding the police action, Jehanabad SP Manish Kumar told the BBC that “the local police had obtained such records that a critical case like treason has been registered towards Sharjeel. We have only interrogated his circle of relatives participants. Information could be found. All were released after questioning. “

According to the information, three individuals of Sharjeel’s own family have been detained by the police in Raid which lasted until late night on Sunday. These protected Sharjeel’s cousin, uncle, and driver.

In a statement issued with the aid of Sharjeel’s mother, SP Manish Kumar, on the allegations of harassing the police, said, “It is the task of the police to inquire. Because a case has been registered towards a member of his own family. There is no such issue as disturbing.”. “

Bihar Police is cooperating

In what case (Aligarh, Delhi, Assam) has this raid finished using Jehanabad police to capture Sharjeel? In response, the SP refused to say something more. Said that this be counted has now not been registered with us. We are the most effective cooperating. “

Fearing constant threats, no family member has been capable of contact Sharjeel’s mother because of the release of her assertion. Sharjah’s brother Muzammil Imam’s smartphone is off. Mother Afsan Rahim becomes not at domestic even at some stage in the police action.

Charges uncle Arshad Imam turned into domestic for the duration of the police raid. He became puzzled for a long term with the aid of the police. Arshad told that whatever the police requested him, he advised.

Sharjah Imam’s uncle Arshad Imam

On Sharjil’s point, Arshad says, “Sharjeel being a Muslim and an Indian become opposing the brand new black law. His competition turned into peace. He was explaining to humans. If we do not have this proper in India, then we’re responsible Maybe. Give us plenty of proof in which he has spoken approximately some sort of violence. “

Sharjeel’s family is political


 The Father Akbar Imam has been the leader of JDU. In 2005, he also contested the birthday party ticket. After the passing away of his father, brother Muzammil has to turn out to be active in local politics. The Uncle Arshad Imam is also a JDU block stage chief.

Local journalist Rajan Kumar from Jehanabad says that “Sharjeel was given his early training from here. He became one of the fastest boys in his community in those days. He has achieved engineering from IIT Roorkee. Has achieved research from Bombay. Now also from JNU, He is doing research. But now he has no special connection with the village. Even while he comes here, he spends time together with his mom in Patna. “

Family with Sharjeel
By the manner, Shaheel’s speech has separated himself from Shaheen Bagh protesters. But his family stands firmly in the desire of Sharjeel’s speech.

His uncle Arshad says, “He has stored his word. Everyone has the right to talk about this democracy. But the media confirmed it in such a way that at the behest of BJP human beings that our boy has become a traitor. He is saying that he should listen to his complete speech. He becomes speaking about the method of the movement. “

But now Sharjeel’s family is scared. The Arshad’s words make it clear, he says, “There have been many threatening and threatening telephone calls to Sharjeel’s mother and brother. We have informed them to take care of themselves. We have additionally knowledgeable the police.

 But the police are threatening us in the opposite way. The scenario has ended up such that if we are going out on the road, then people are taunting the public. There is no proper in this country to inform each person what? “


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