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Was Hurt To See Everything Was Edited: Jatin Sarna On His Role Being Cut-short From Bamfaad

Actor Jatin Sarna has expressed his displeasure over his screen-time being chopped off from his latest movie Bamfaad.

The Zee5 release, presented by Anurag Kashyap, is directed by Ranjan Chandel (Anurag’s Assistant Director). The movie also marks the acting debut of Paresh Rawal’s son Aditya Rawal and Bollywood debut of Arjun Reddy actress Shalini Pandey.

In a freewheeling chat with News18.com, Jatin, who plays a small time rookie Zahid in the movie, revealed that he was quite unhappy about the major portions of his role being edited.

“It was a scene where I was confessing my love for Walia (Sana Amin Sheikh). We have grown up seeing Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Govinda, romancing in movies. As an actor, even I used to imagine how I would be doing if a love angle came to me. Incidentally, a white pigeon landed in my hand throughout the shot, so the scene had to go since it was against censorship rules. Later when I watched the movie, I was really disappointed that everything has been edited, there’s nothing of me left in the movie. It hurts to see you putting down your 110% and still not getting your due. The story looks like about the hero, heroine and the villain.”

According to Jatin, “A two-hour 15 mins movie, had to come down to one-hour 40 mins to qualify for streaming on Zee. The 15-20 minutes that get edited out are the only screen time we get. Out of that too, I had just 5-6 minutes of my own. There’s a limit when it comes to the lead. Unfortunately, the secondary characters have to bear the brunt.”

“I had received calls from the producer and the PR team of the movie, who told me about giving interviews. But I guess none saw the light of the day as I have not come across anything which I spoke about,” he further added.

Most popularly known for his role as Bunty from Netflix’s Sacred Games, Jatin says the reason to do Bamfaad was to break the strong stereotype the character had built. “The only reason I did this project was to break the image of Bunty. This role was a very different one in comparison to the others I had played. “

But the actor is also glad that his fan base has noticed his performance regardless of the screen time. “Fortunately, my fans have appreciated my work nonetheless. People have noticed the character of Zahid that I played, and not of Bunty. I have received lots of appreciation messages and emails.”

Jatin has become more cautious about choosing his roles in the future. “I have moved on now. The writer of the movie Hanzalah Shahid is planning to take me in his next project as well and I will go ahead if it serves my purpose of being an actor. It’s been years now that I have been compromising with the situations. If I am aware of being capable to take the movie on my own shoulders, then I am not willing to stand in the left-right of the frame anymore.”

The actor feels that if he were a star kid, he would have gotten his big break long ago.

“I am not talking about anyone in particular, but the priorities usually go to the star kid in the lead. And they get plenty of chances to prove themselves. For a common man, it’s difficult. For me, I worked in 12-13 small scale projects with the hope that I might land up with a good role in my 14th project. If I was a star kid too, I could have landed a big break in my first project itself. Outsiders get their due, but we have to walk that extra mile to reach there. The struggle that we go through can never be equated. And that is what pinches.”

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